Birthday boys & learning to self love ❣️

Heyyyy my lovelies, it’s been a minute since I’ve written on my blog. I’ve literally been so so busy. The end of term as anyone that a parent knows, is relentless! It’s sports days, leavers days, parents evenings, discos. My brain is always like SHITTTT what’s happening today!! 🤣😂 it genuinely stresses me out trying to keep up with one child’s schedule let alone two!

I also have had both Ethan & Zach’s birthdays. I fully enjoy doing my mummy bit to make sure they have everything they want & more. I’m terrible literally go OTT, balloons & confetti everywhere. But nowadays it’s much harder to do it all, I’ll decorate, go shopping & am flat out exhausted 😩 my body just hurts. I’d never change doing this because the boys deserve the world & I’ll do my best to give it to them. 🌍💙

I feel that I learnt a lot from how my parents did things & it’s made me so much more aware of how I love & treat my babies, children will see & give back the same energy you put out.

Over the past few weeks I have had some very low days, I have fully broken down & been hysterically upset. When life gets hectic & I feel like I can’t keep up I get so frustrated. What frustrates me more is not receiving the help. “People” claim to want to help you until it actually comes down to it & to me that’s sad & I think that’s why I get so emotional about it. Anyone that knows me knows if I love you I’ll give you the world & do anything for you. I just don’t always get the same back when I need it. I’d be grateful if someone just made me a green tea without me having to shout my head off like a nutter lol 😂 Juggling life & lupus is fucking hard, people just don’t understand it sometimes 🙄

In the past couple of weeks I feel that I hit rock bottom, and I’ve felt like everyone who’s meant to love me & be there for me has let me down in one way or another. I know my boys need me so I’ve gotta pick myself up & keep moving, when you hit the bottom the only way is up right?!!! Sooo I’ve focused my energy into positive things. I’ve been eating well , doing yoga, I even tried aqua aerobics which was pretty damn good. So good to be pain free in the water 🏊‍♀️🚿

These positive things keep me mentally in a good place, if you piss me off I’m gonna drop into downwards dog, breathe & forget the negative shit lol 😂 I know that it’s better for my body to be active & stress free so that’s what I’ll try my best to do 💪🏽 there are days where I’m too tired or swollen to do it but I’ll always try!

This has been so therapeutic writing, I feel like it’s important to share the highs as well as the lows. I wouldn’t be giving you an insight into my life if I didn’t give you every side of my life. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading & once again thank you 😊😘💜


2 thoughts on “Birthday boys & learning to self love ❣️

  1. That’s a great insight into your life Rachel, but leave out the expletives there not needed. Soldier on girl your doing great!


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